Extra Comics 

These are comics that were created before the Biology Comics textbook, so they don't fit in with the story of our five students teaching each other about Introductory Biology. Still, the comics cover some interesting topics and who knows, maybe you'll learn something! 


Carly's Adventures in Wasp Land 

Carly’s Adventures in Wasp Land was a comic project that was created for the American Museum of Natural History’s digital outreach website, Ology. In this comic book, Carly (a graduate student at the museum) introduces readers to the different types of wasps - solitary, social, and parasitoid

As a biology student, you might find this comic provides a good connection to your professor’s unit on invertebrate animals.


Homology Comic

A slightly older Carly (now a professor) introduces students to the concepts of homology and homoplasy with a cast of a chicken, a whale, a feathered dinosaur, and an ancestral tetrapod ancestor. What do these animals have in common, and why?

As a biology student, you can connect this comic to your studies on evolution and comparative anatomy.