About Biology Comics

Biology Comics is an open-source (free) comics-based textbook for students and educators. The level of detail and content is meant to mirror that of a standard Biology course for non-major college and advanced high school students. If you’re a Biology major, you are welcome to use Biology Comics as a resource, but just keep in mind that the comics might not cover the level of detail your professor requires - show the comics to them and see what they say!  



About the Creator 

Biology Comics is drawn and written by Dr. Carly Tribull, an entomologist (she studies insects!) and comic artist. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Farmingdale State College, where she teaches Biology for non-majors and Entomology.

As an entomologist, she spends most of her research time catching hundreds of insects, sorting out the wasps, and sequencing their DNA to generate evolutionary trees.   

Follow her on Twitter @cmtribull!