Biology Comics

Welcome to Biology Comics -  a free, comics-based textbook for high school and college non-major/Gen Ed Biology students. Follow five students as they learn and teach each other about the scientific method, cellular structures, photosynthesis, and the world around them. 

In our first chapter, meet Sy - a philosophy major who walks his study group through the scientific method and its importance in modern research practices, while also confronting some pseudoscience online! Have you seen a ‘Miracle Cure’ shared on facebook or twitter before? Then you should check out this chapter!   



Have you ever wondered what you, your friends, and everything in the universe is made of? Then follow Sibyl (currently undeclared for a major), on a journey to learn about life, the universe, and everything - from the tiniest level. In this chapter, our study group reviews atomic structure and chemical bonding.


Macromolecules copy.jpg

With plenty of Carbon and Hydrogen atoms, a blueberry muffin is an excellent source of fuel, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ‘healthy’. Want to know why? Sam, an art major, and her active imagination will guide you through carbohydrates, fats, and the other macromolecules.